Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wedding Plans

Since it's been almost a year since I blogged, I guess it's time to get back into it. I contemplated starting a new one dedicated to wedding planning (which I'm falling in love with now that I get to do it myself!), but I can't even keep up with 1 blog, so what makes me think I'd be able to stay on top of 2? So one it least for now.

It's been so excited planning for my wedding! I love envisioning it all, making things myself, and seeing all the details come together. The Lord has constantly been blessing us with everything falling into place, from venue, to dress, to close friends/family being able to come all the way from England and join us for our special day. As our date gets closer (11.5.11), my excitement continues to grow at the thought of spending my life with my best friend, through good times and bad. Our heart is to return to England and be involved in ministry out there. We are waiting and praying and relying on the guidance and provision of the Lord to direct our steps in His perfect timing.

It can be overwhelming at times when you try to plan out your life yourself, and greatly disappointing when it doesn't happen as you imagined. However, when you continue to seek the Lord, He promises to direct your path. He has a perfect plan for those whose hearts are loyal to Him. We have no need to worry or stress about the future. I'm sure we will encounter difficultly, in fact the Bible promises that, however knowing that we are never alone on this journey makes all the difference. Seeing the Lord work daily in small ways enables you to trust Him fully when big things come up. This whole relationship and wedding planning has been just another example of that in my life. God's past faithfulness demands our present trust.

He has never failed. No matter what you're facing, know that you can trust Him completely. Will you trust Him today?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

New Seasons

It's been a while since my last post, partly because I never knew what to say. A lot was happening in my life and the Lord was teaching me many lessons, but most of them I needed to keep to myself for a while...looking to Jesus and trusting that He knew what He was doing, no matter how much it didn't make sense to me. Once again the seasons are changing, but this time I can share it with the world.

My best friend of almost 2 years and I have decided to embark on a new journey together. After much prayer, waiting on the Lord, wrestling with the Lord, Bible verses, more prayer, "patiently" waiting, more verses, and more prayer, we felt the Lord leading both of us into a relationship with each other. He has been such an encouragement to me over these past couple years, but especially since last summer. I am truly blessed that the Lord has placed him in my life and constantly uses him as a tool to point me to Jesus. As we've grown to get to know each other, our hearts for ministry (as well as many other things) are the same. It's been a privilege to serve alongside him so far and I'm excited to see what else the Lord has in store for us.

Are any of you waiting for something? Does it seem like an answer my never come? Remember, fix your eyes upon Jesus. Trust that He is working behind the scenes in ways you couldn't even imagine. Know that His timing is perfect and continue to seek HIM, not an answer, but Jesus.

"But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him." Hebrews 11:6

Saturday, 27 March 2010


Today some members from my church paired with the Armor of Light ministry to put on a family event day at the Marine base here. We served a grilled lunch, had inflatable games, pony rides, live music, face painting, and an Easter egg hunt. Most of this particular battalion had already been deployed last month so many that attended today were families left behind. It was a wonderful opportunity to serve those who are sacrificing to serve and protect our country. This is a difficult time for their families, so it was a blessing for me to be involved in putting on an event for them to have some fun together. Personally, I didn't get an opportunity to share with any of them in word, but seeing their faces gives me more to pray for, that our actions and countenance of our faces would be emblazoned in their mind, not because of us but because of Who we represent: Jesus Christ. May His name be glorified in all we say and do. Thank you to those who have served or are currently serving our country, sacrificing yourselves to protect our freedom. I pray that you all would be able to experience the greatest freedom that comes through Jesus Christ...freedom from sin and death.