Sunday, 26 July 2009

Our mistakes

I had a random thought today, when I heard someone with an accent say “mistake”. It sounded more defined: “miss take”. And I thought…that’s it. What is a mistake? It’s mis-taking something. Maybe it’s taking something that’s not yours, taking something that belongs to someone else, taking something that’s reserved for someone else. Making a mistake is grabbing for something that the Lord has not appointed for you to have, or grabbing for something at the wrong time. When you think of the mistakes in your life, is this not that case? It seems to be in my life anyway, that when I make a mistake it’s because I’ve acted out before the Lord and taken the forbidden fruit. “I just made a mistake,” you say, then put back what you have taken and take the hand of Jesus instead. When your hands are in His, you won’t have room to hold anything else.

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  1. You are lovely my friend. Thanks for the wonderful reminder of focusing on Jesus. Love you.