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1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love suffers long and is kind;

  • Suffer long—to be patient; to be lenient; have a long enduring temper; forbearing; to patiently endure
  • Kind—serviceable; good; to show oneself useful; to act benevolently; better; easy; gracious
    • Not being quick to point the finger and pick out faults, but to serve, to be gracious, and to put up with anything without losing your temper

Love does not envy;

  • Envy—to have warmth of feeling against; fervent mind; indignation; jealousy
    • It stews inside of you

Love does not parade itself,

  • Parade itself––to brag; to boast; vainglory
    • Not thinking more highly of oneself than one ought to think; not putting eyes on yourself and your accomplishments or your humility

Is not puffed up;

  • Puffed up—arrogant; inflated; to make proud; haughty
    • Does not think they know what is best or their way is the only right way; does not think they are better than another

Does not behave rudely,

  • Rudely—unbecomingly; shapeless, unseemly; inelegant; uncomely
    • Behaves properly; fits in the right shape and isn’t bent out of shape; it’s attractive

Does not seek its own,

  • Seek––demanding, inquire, looking for, made efforts, search, striving, trying to obtain; plot; be about, desire, endeavour, enquire for
  • Own—of himself, herself, itself; possessive
    • Doesn’t demand it’s own way; it’s striving to be put first; this is not what love is about, it’s not part of the job description at all

Is not provoked,

  • Provoke—to sharpen, stimulate; exasperate
    • Is not sharpening it’s knife to cut someone with; is not stimulated into action; is not exasperated with the object of affection; love makes no provision to strike out against someone

Thinks no evil;

  • Take into account (thinks)—to reckon, to consider; maintain; mind dwell, number, regard; to take an inventory or estimate; conclude; despise, esteem, impute, lay, number, reason, reckon, suppose, think on
  • Evil—bad, evil; intrinsically worthless, injurious; harm, ill, noisome, wicked
    • Does not take an inventory or impute any worthless or injurious thing to anyone’s account; does not think about anything that causes harm or ill to someone.

Does not rejoice in iniquity,

  • Rejoice—to be cheerful or calmly happy; be glad
  • Iniquity—injustice; unrighteousness; wickedness; wrongfulness of character, life, or act
    • Does not find pleasure or happiness in unrighteousness; is not secretly glad about the wrongful acts of others or done by yourself

But rejoices in the truth;

  • Rejoices—to sympathize in gladness, congratulate, rejoice in/with
  • Truth—truth, not concealing; real; right
    • It rejoices together with what is real; it can rejoice with another when the matter is no longer concealed; it’s a joy in the exposure of truth rather than an inward smirking at wickedness

Bears all things,

  • Bears––to roof over, to cover with silence; endure patiently; forbear, suffer; to cover closely so as to keep water out
  • All things––all, any, every, the whole; always, anyone, daily, forever, everyone, everyway, as many as there are, thoroughly, whatsoever, whole, whosoever
    • Covers what does not need to be exposed every time and with everyone; endures patiently anything and everything, daily and forever

Believes all things,

  • Believes––to have faith (in, upon, or with respect to, a person or thing), credit; to entrust; commit to trust, put in trust with
    • To have faith in that person and entrust them with all things; to commit to trusting them in everything

Hopes all things,

  • Hope—to anticipate, expect, hope; to confide; to anticipate with pleasure; to have confidence
    • Expects the best from everyone and out of everything; has confidence in the object of your love

Endures all things.

  • Endures—to stay behind, to await, to endure; perseveres, remains; abide; to undergo, bear trials, have fortitude, take patiently, suffer, tarry behind
    • It can be tried and it perseveres; it can stay behind and wait for the right time; love sucks it up and suffers patiently and silently, not through some, but through all things

Love never fails.

  • Never—never; not ever; cannot; not even at any time; never at all
  • Fails—to fall; fall down
    • Love cannot at any time, ever, fall down. It doesn’t break under the weight or crack under pressure; it doesn’t get hurt or pull out of the race.

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